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Lost Fans: Australia's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Lost Fans: Australia

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season finale [30 Jul 2007|06:23pm]

[ mood | happy ]

the season finale had me wondering... it wasn't until right near the end that I realised the "flashbacks" of Jack were actually in the future.

kinda makes me look forward to the next season more.

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Break? [26 Mar 2007|11:32am]

[ mood | cold ]

So Lost isn't on this week... I'm guessing Seven wants to make us wait for Episode 7, like the US had to wait over winter.

Does anyone know (or at least know how to find out) just how LONG they're going to break for? I mean, I'd rather not wait three months if it's all the same to them.

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[05 Mar 2007|02:50pm]

[ mood | sleepy ]

What did you think about this episode?

Spoilers to Episode 3Collapse )

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[24 Feb 2007|07:19pm]

[ mood | crazy ]

What are your thoughts on the second episode of season 3?

Spoilers to episode 2Collapse )

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Soooo... [15 Feb 2007|09:57pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

...were the first 5 minutes as good as you were hoping for?

Just in case you haven't watched Episode One yet (oh the sin)...Collapse )

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[12 Feb 2007|10:07am]

[ mood | amused ]

What are you expecting in season 3 of 'Lost'?
I'm expecting:

* Lots on "the others". Like how they saw the plane crash, why they are there, why they have taken some yet not others from the survivors.

* Hopefully something on the survivors family and friends who are looking for them.

* The answer to the numbers, what they mean.

* More answers to this connection between all the survivors.

* And most of all more twist and turns than ever before.

Oh, and has anyone figured out why Jack, Kate and Sawyer are all held captive by the so called "good guys" "the others"??? There was a post made about it back last year Here I'm just wondering if anyone has given it anymore thought?

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[06 Feb 2007|02:54pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Is anyone else as excited as me with the return of 'Lost' this Thursday on Channel 7 at 9:10pm?
I had to re-watch all of season 2, it took me 4 days to do it, so I could remember what had happened, so much happened.
I think that Channel 7 are re-showing the last episode of season 2, and then showing the first episode next week, as they are doing this with Desperate Housewives and Grays Anatomy.
Well no they aren't doing that at all, I just checked the tv guides and apparently they are showing this, this week:

Get an overview of the story so far and the opportunity to discover some clues you may have missed. Season one dealt with the fuselage survivors, the hatch and a failed attempt to get off the island. Season two continued these stories and also introduced viewers to Desmond - the man responsible for inputting the numbers into the hatch computer system - the survivors of the tail section and Henry Gale, who turned out to be the leader of the Others. This special puts these two seasons together in a linear fashion to provide an illuminating view on a compelling story. See the sequence of events in the aftermath of the crash of flight 815, the failed raft attempt, the opening of the hatch, how the tail section and fuselage survivors lived separately and the unwitting intersections of their lives in one catastrophic moment, the implosion of the hatch and the capture of Jack, Kate and Sawyer by the Others.

Well here's hoping that they start to air the first episode to season 3 next week.

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Im new [13 Jan 2007|02:31pm]
You are invited to join my Lost website with added chatroom so you can chat to other fans

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Discussion anyone? 2x22: "Three Minutes" [28 Jul 2006|10:32am]

[ mood | curious ]

Making a post because I felt like some discussion. :)

Spoilers for last night's episode, naturallyCollapse )

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Episode 45: ? [20 Jul 2006|10:13pm]

spoilers hereCollapse )
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Episode 44: Two for the Road [13 Jul 2006|09:58pm]

spoilers hereCollapse )
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"Reckoning" [06 Jul 2006|09:47pm]

I'm posting this because I want to see how many people out there are still interested in discussing "Lost" (not that we have many episodes left in the season). :)

I didn't watch all of the episode, because... well... I wasn't in the mood for another re-cap tonight, particularly not at this point. I have taped it, though, so I'll watch it later, since I'm sure it contains clues about the upcoming final episodes.

I've been wondering who (if anyone) is really going to die before the end of this season. One possibility is Henry Gale, because he seems expendable. So I'd like to suggest a poll...

Should Henry Gale:

a.) die, because he's irritating as hell
b.) live, because he's amusing as hell and he irritates everyone else :D
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Harold Perrineau in "Woman on Top" [03 Jul 2006|04:22pm]

So... this community seems fairly dead now. Is anyone still out there? :/

Did anyone catch Harold Perrineau (Michael) in Woman on Top last night (channel 7, 11:05pm according to my TV guide)? I only watched part of it, but he looked fantastic. ^_^

bigass picture beneath the cutCollapse )
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[30 Apr 2006|10:29am]


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[x] Tell me what you snag :)
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LOST & Biggest Loser [26 Apr 2006|10:20pm]

Lost and Biggest Loser are on at the same time tomorrow night. It was a huge dilemma for me, but I think I'm going to make a hard decision and watch the Biggest Loser. I just want to see the first Australian Finale and all, and I guess some of my friends will have the episode. I know that I'm going to mis soooo much because of never missed an episode I haven't seen before, so this is a first. And this is the episode where Sawyer gets a haircut! I've been dying to see this episode!

So what are you guys going to do?
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lost [27 Mar 2006|04:52pm]

so, was anyone else confused by this week's lost? (the one from the 23/3.) because...Collapse )
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Not Showing [26 Mar 2006|03:19pm]

I checked the tv guide and they said that LOST isn't playing this week, instead they are playing part 2 of this miniseries. :(
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squee post, season 2 episode 1 (and housekeeping) [02 Feb 2006|11:12pm]

Season Two has started in Australia!

While I have the floor, I'm also going to introduce myself as your new moderator, and say a huge thank you to renne who began the lost_australia community last year and looked after it with great care. renne has invited me to take over moderation, and I'll do my best to uphold her standards. Community rules have not changed - why fix it if it isn't broken?

Now - we've just had a premiere episode! Have at it, folks. What did you think?
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re runs [13 Dec 2005|08:49pm]

[ mood | curious ]

what time are the repeats of lost shown on tv
because i want to go and watch the repeats but i always miss it

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[17 Nov 2005|10:36pm]

Lost repeats are on Ch 7 right now, if anyone wants to re-watch the Pilot. :-)
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